The first step before  you can start house hunting in earnest, is to see a mortgage specialist who will go with you through your finances and determine what will be a comfortable price level for you at the current mortgage rates.  They will normally give you a pre-approval letter that will be valid for 3 to 6 months.  You can either see a mortgage specialist at your bank or an independent broker who works with a large pool of mortgage houses.  Here are a few mortgage brokers that we often work with in the Fredericton area:


Independant Mortgage Brokers:

Name:         Carolann Young

Company:   The Mortgage Group

Contact tel: 506-470-1098



Name:        Pam Nierlich

Company:   Premiere Mortgage Group

Contact tel: 506-449-9190 (cell)

                      506-472-6645 (work)



Mortgage Specialists

Royal Bank of Canada (only bank for mini homes on leased land)

Name:    Lois Ross                                             Name:    Jill Harris

Contact: 506- 444-1632                                   Contact: (506) 447-2958

Email:                              Email:


Scotia Bank

Name:    Jennifer Duquesne

Contact: 506-260-7047




Name:   Kyle Jones                                         Name:    Andrew Waugh

Contact:+1-866-750-8197                              Contact: +1-866-335-5574

Email:                          Email: